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What is the claims industry’s best pitch to attract young talent?

Thomas Joyce, Nautilus Insurance Group, and three others answer this month's question.

June 22, 2017 Photo

“My pitch to a young prospect would be this: If you want a career where people depend on your professional skills and abilities to navigate challenging and stressful times, and where character, tenacity, and creativity are rewarded with personal growth and opportunity, then the insurance claims profession is for you.”

- Thomas Joyce, Senior Vice President and Chief Claims Officer, Nautilus Insurance Group. CLM Fellow since 2016.


“Flexibility in work location and hours, along with opportunities to learn and advance while being an integral part of the organization, are the best pitches companies can make to attract young talent.”

- Angela Kopet, Managing Attorney, Tennessee Office, Carlock, Copeland & Stair LLP. CLM Member since 2009.

“The insurance industry needs to spread the word via Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and college career fairs (not just insurance schools) with this simple message: Claims jobs are cool technology jobs that pay well and help make whole again claimants who have suffered losses.” 

- Roger Lear, Partner and Co-Founder, Great Insurance Jobs. CLM Fellow since 2017.


“Insurance fulfills the next generation’s drive for meaningful and purposeful work. Within the industry, claims stands at the forefront and represents one of the most impactful roles. Claims is where the promise is kept—a message that must be shared.” 

- David Coons, Senior Vice President, The Jacobson Group. CLM Fellow since 2013.


The year millennials became the largest share of the American workforce.

Source: Pew Research Center


Job openings in the insurance and finance sector as of February 2017.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


Percent of millennials who say they would prefer a full-time job rather than freelancing or working as a consultant.

Source: Deloitte


Percent that insurance companies say they expect to increase staff in 2017. Claims positions rank behind only technology and sales/marketing as far as the most in-demand insurance jobs. 

Source: The Jacobson Group and Ward Group


Percent of millennials who say they are not very or not at all interested in the idea of working in the insurance industry. (78 percent said they are not too or not at all familiar with the industry.)

Source: The Griffith Insurance Education Foundation and The Institutes

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Phil Gusman

Phil Gusman is senior managing editor for CLM Magazine and Construction Claims magazine.  phil.gusman@theclm.org

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