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Matthew J. Smith

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

photo Matthew J. Smith, Esq. is the executive director of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud based in Washington, D.C. matthew@insurancefraud.org

Articles by Matthew J. Smith

Social Media: What You’re Doing Wrong and How to Fix It 10/25/2012
Ten Things to Consider and Look For in Handling Insurance Claims 1/31/2013
A Portrait of Fraud 3/18/2013
Doing More with Less in the New Age of Detection 7/17/2013
Natural Selection 2/19/2014
The RICO Act 4/30/2014
Weed Control 9/22/2014
EUOs for the Pros 11/21/2014
A New Era of Cyber Liability Claims 3/23/2015
Wasting Away 5/19/2015
Are You Ready for Your Close Up? 6/24/2015
Where’s Waldo 8/27/2015
Intelligent Selection 11/30/2015
The State of Denial 3/10/2016
Following New Data Trails 7/26/2016
A Costly Surprise 9/23/2016
Undetermined Fire Losses 2/9/2016
The Impact of Insurance Advertising on Jurors 12/27/2016
Earning Trust in the Cyber World 8/20/2020
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