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The course provides information for insurance professionals about the fundamentals of commercial auto insurance. In addition to informing claim representatives about the fundamentals of insurance, the course provides insurance agents and brokers an overview of commercial auto coverage and how to address commercial auto claims.

The course provides an overview of commercial auto insurance, the Business Auto Coverage Form (BACF) covered autos, the BACF liability coverage, the BACF physical damage coverage, BACF conditions, and business auto coverages added by endorsement. It also summarizes rating considerations related to commercial auto insurance, auto coverage under the Garage Coverage Form, garage form endorsements, the Motor Carrier Coverage Form, and auto liability claim investigations.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1 - Insurance: An Overview
  • Module 2 - Overview of Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Module 3 - Business Auto Coverage Form (BACF) Covered Autos
  • Module 4 - Business Auto Coverage Form (BACF) Liability Coverage
  • Module 5 - Business Auto Coverage Form Physical Damage Coverage
  • Module 6 - Business Auto Coverage Form Conditions
  • Module 7 - Business Auto Coverages Added by Endorsement
  • Module 8 - Rating Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Module 9 - Auto Coverage Under the Garage Coverage Form
  • Module 10 - Garage Form: Endorsements
  • Module 11 - Motor Carrier Coverage Form
  • Module 12 - Auto Liability Claim Investigations

Credit info

Type Credits
General Credits 4.00