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This course provides a review of elements critical to Liquor Liability Insurance. These elements include how liquor liability insurance coverage is defined, who needs coverage, an explanation of laws related to liquor liability, coverage and limitations, underwriting, pricing, availability of coverage and how to evaluate a risk when underwriting liquor liability insurance.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1 - Liquor Liability - An Overview
  • Module 2 - State Legislation Effecting the Operation of a Liquor Establishment
  • Module 3 - Liquor Liability Coverage
  • Module 4 - The Policy Itself
  • Module 5 - Factors Affecting Rates of Liquor Liability Insurance
  • Module 6 - Availability of Coverage
  • Module 7 - Underwriting Guidelines of Liquor Liability
  • Module 8 - Questions for Evaluating A Liquor Liability Risk

Credit info

Type Credits
General Credits 1.00