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Insurance Fraud

The Insurance Fraud Committee will proactively: Identify, analyze and educate regarding emerging fraud schemes and tactics; monitor and report on developments in case law, state fraud statutes and applicable regulations; collaborate with other anti-fraud industry organizations and associations; seek to provide amicus support in matters of importance in the fight against insurance fraud; and, educate the CLM's membership regarding these efforts.




9/14/2021 Hello, 

The Insurance Fraud Committee conference call is scheduled for this Friday, Sept. 17th at 11:00 am ET. Call-in details have been emailed to committee members. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Thanks!

Become a published author!


The Insurance Fraud Committee is currently seeking authors for its quarterly submission to CLM Magazine.  The IFC has an immediate need for two fellow collaborators. The committee has several articles in development. 

The IFC’s submission is a collaboration of a CLM Member and a CLM Fellow discussing relevant topics, practical skills, and innovative strategies for handling fraud claims and associated litigation for the CLM readership (claims, risk, and litigation professionals).  Authors have a byline and headshot printed with their articles.  This is excellent exposure for the author to present their fresh ideas and areas of interest to the entire readership.  Particularly timely articles are often selected as magazine features and cover stories.  The quality of IFC submissions is regularly complimented by the Magazine staff and CLM Members and Fellows. 

If you are interested in becoming part of the elite class of CLM Magazine authors, please contact Diane Barnes-Reynolds at or Vincent Gerbino at

8/6/2021 Hello, 

As we forge on with our wonderful new leadership, we would love to hear from our membership about how we can improve our Insurance Fraud Committee. At your earliest convenience, please complete the following survey:

8/3/2021 From the desk of Gene Weisberg:

"CLM’s Insurance Fraud Committee has transferred leadership. The Committee Chairs for the past several years have asked a new group of Committee Chairs to step in and take over running the IFC. We are pleased to report that an extremely qualified and experienced group has agreed. The new Co-Chairs are Dwight Geddes, Brett Kelley, Andy Smith, Jeanine Clark and Jarred Dichek. All have been active in the IFC and will do a great job moving the committee forward.

On a personal note, I have been an IFC Co-Chair for about 10 years, and Lead Chair for nearly four years. I have appreciated the opportunity to work with the IFC members and with Co-Chairs Michael Markey, Cathy Gicker and Gina Smith. I look forward to continuing to be active with the IFC and assisting the new Co-Chairs. Thank you to all IFC members for your assistance and insights during my tenure."
7/7/2021 Hello,

The Insurance Fraud Committee’s conference call is scheduled for this Friday, July 9th at 11:00 am ET.

Call-in details have been sent to committee members, and the agenda will be posted in the Notes section of the committee page. 

Talk soon!



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