Universal Claims Certification (UCC)

General Information

The process of licensing independent and staff insurance adjusters has been unnecessarily complex for decades. Most adjusters handle claims in multiple states and are burdened with maintaining multiple licenses and tracking the different renewal criteria for each license. The current system also limits the flexibility needed when a natural disaster occurs and a large number of adjusters are needed promptly in a specific state. Many qualified adjusters are unable to assist in these situations until they can go through that state’s licensing process.

The UCC addresses those issues while protecting the public's interests and providing a universal certification that maintains consistent requirements, governance, and continuing education standards. The UCC was developed utilizing the most stringent states’ requirements and regulations.
Under the UCC, all new Independent and Company Claim Adjusters will:
•    Register
•    Complete a 40-hour pre-certification online education program
•    Successfully pass an examination

If you hold a current home state license, you are exempt from the UCC's 40-hour pre-certification program and exam, however you must complete the UCC online registration form. The UCC will be valid for two years. To renew a UCC, all Independent and Company Claim Adjusters must:
•    Satisfactorily complete a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education, including five hours of law and ethics.


The UCC is not a license and individuals must obtain licenses directly with each state requiring licensure. This can be done via CLM Tracker which is complimentary for UCC holders with a current certificate. The UCC is a certification that the holder has completed the educational requirements to hold a license in states that recognize the UCC. The UCC does not confer resident or designated home state status as that is determined by each state. 

The UCC is approved in the following states:
•    Alabama
Arizona (effective August 25, 2020)
•    California
•    Florida
•    Georgia
•    Indiana
•    Mississippi
•    Texas

New adjusters seeking licensure in these states may comply with the state's pre-licensing course and examination requirements by demonstrating that they have completed the UCC pre-certification program requirements.[1] UCC continuing education does not exempt or exclude License holders from their obligation to comply with their respective state specific continuing education requirements.  In states which have recognized the UCC, timely completion and proper submission of UCC continuing education credits will satisfy the CE requirements for that state.[2]

Please see the FAQ section for additional answers to commonly asked questions.

[1] Anyone seeking to qualify for a Florida adjuster license solely by virtue of holding the UCC designation must complete the UCC’s online 40-hour pre-certification program and pass the exam.  Individuals may still qualify by transfer (resident applicants) or reciprocity (non-resident applicants) if they hold a valid resident adjuster license or designated home state (DHS) adjuster license from a state that is reciprocal with Florida.

[2] Mississippi does not currently recognize UCC continuing education.