Ethics and the Insurance Industry gives an overview of the ethical issues that face insurance producers. It also covers key legal issues that affect producers in the US and compares the concept of acting legally to the concept of acting ethically. Legal content is covered through the systematic review of federal laws and common state laws that affect the insurance industry. Ethics is reviewed through the use of case studies and through the discussion of producers’ ethical responsibilities to the consumer, the insurance company and to the public. Key issues such as full disclosure, fiduciary responsibility and acting professionally are emphasized. This course is sectioned off into the following modules:

Course Outline:

  • Module 1 - What is Ethics?
  • Module 2 - An Agent’s responsibility to the Insurance Company
  • Module 3 - The Insurance Agent and the Customer
  • Module 4 - Social Responsibility
  • Module 5 - The Insurance Agent and the Law
  • Module 6 - Practical Ethics

Credit info

Type Credits
Ethics Credits 8.00
General Credits 0.00