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CLM Voices: Getting to Know Stephen Dzury

Take a look at this rugby-playing, father of three’s game plan for success on and off the pitch.

April 10, 2018 Photo

Berkley Public Entity Managers' senior vice president of claims is a rugby-playing, father of three. He shares his game plan for success on and off the pitch.

Birds of a Feather

Dzury’s grandfather was an accident and health benefits claims consultant with Marsh for over 30 years. When Dzury began his first claims job, his grandfather gave him a big hug and said, “Thank God. Now I have someone who will know what I did for all of those years!” The two still love to swap claims stories.

Formal Training Makes a Comeback?

“So many companies look to reap the benefits of an employee being trained elsewhere, or they expect on-the-job experience. There are challenges with both approaches, and I believe the industry increasingly recognizes that.”

IQ vs. EQ

Dzury says the best claims professionals aren’t always the ones with the most technical skills, but rather the ones with high emotional intelligence, compassion, and who can listen and think on their feet. When hiring, he takes a behavioral approach, asking candidates about a time they were disappointed or made a mistake, then watches how they describe working through it.

"Controlled" Mistakes

“People learn exponentially more from making a mistake and growing from it than they do when they are not given opportunities to take those risks.”

Shock Value

Dzury says that while there is truth in the cliché that no two days are the same, his pitch to those considering claims is that truth can be stranger than fiction. He says that if the things he has read in claims files appeared on a movie screen, he’d say it was impossible. But now he knows otherwise.

Rugby's Work Philosophy Influence

“In rugby, there is a respect among the players that is unparalleled. The guy you absolutely crushed on the field is the first person to buy you a beer at the bar afterwards.”


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