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From Cyber to the C-Suite

Data Privacy Comes Into Focus

New York City’s biometric law opens the door to significant civil liability

Do You Know Who You’re Paying? (You Better)

Ransomware payments that violate U.S. sanctions expose insurers to penalties

A Most Memorable Claim

A cyber claims professional discusses her role in crisis response

Pay Up or Shut Down?

The Colonial Pipeline attack shines public light on pervasive cyber insurance issues

When Technology Fails

Analyzing and handling technology errors and omissions risks

The Fight for Privacy

As 2021 comes online, here are the privacy laws and legislation to watch

When and Where to Say “I’m Sorry”

A 50-state survey of apology laws and their impact on medical-malpractice suits

What the Giving Have Received

Religious and non-profit institutions stepped up during the pandemic. Can they continue to survive?

Developing Minds

"What skills should young professionals develop early in their careers?"

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About The Community

CLM’s Cyber, Management & Professional Liability Community helps raise awareness of issues and trends in the management & professional liability insurance marketplace, with an emphasis on litigation management through a collaborative effort between insurance companies and brokerages, claims organizations and service providers.

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