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Filling the Gaps on Pollution, Contamination, and Toxic Torts

Defending Against the Unavailability Rule

Unpurchased environmental insurance could save insurers millions

CLM National: January 2021

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

The Gathering Storm

When mass tort litigation trends collide with bad-faith claims

Professional Adjustments

Find out how COVID-19 has impacted CLM members and fellows

Looking for Liability

Assessing COVID-19 Risks by Looking at Other Infectious Diseases

Managing an Outbreak

What can employers legally require when it comes to vaccines?

A Withering Assault

Analyzing the impact of the $2 billion verdict against Monsanto’s Roundup

Managing the Unseen Risk

What’s behind the increasing reports of Legionella outbreaks?

A Rising Tide in Climate Change Litigation

Could a precedent-setting ruling be coming soon?

Taking the Lead

Handling claims arising from lead contamination in drinking water

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About The Community

CLM’s Environmental and Toxic Tort Committee focuses on existing and emerging issues in the environmental, pollution, and mass tort context. This encompasses long-tail claims as well as claims submitted on currently issued policies.

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