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Schemes, Trends, and Tactics

Evaluating Telehealth Risks in Claims

Is it a welcome expansion of technology or a new fraud frontier?

Sniffing Out Fraud in the Digital Age

Best practices for preventing insurance fraud

The Fraud That Never Happens

Fraud deterrence and the critical work of CSRs

Your Time Limit Has Expired—Or Has It?

When insureds might claim you waived the suit-limitation provision, and when they may be right

Digitizing Claims

What insurers can do to help prevent identity fraud

Flip It on Fraud

Ask yourself, “What would I expect from a legitimate claimant?”

Avoiding Culture Clashes

Considering claimants’ backgrounds when conducting SIU investigations

Focus on (Free) CE

CLM’s November Focus event helps you stay compliant

Determining Disruptions

COVID-19-related business interruption insurance claims come into focus

Getting to Know: Cathy Gicker

If you’ve ever met Allstate's senior claims consultant SIU-Casualty East, then you already know there is more to her than meets the eye.

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About The Community

CLM’s Insurance Fraud Committee identifies, analyzes, and offers education on emerging fraud schemes and tactics; monitors and reports on developments in case law, state fraud statutes and applicable regulations; collaborates with other anti-fraud industry organizations and associations; and seeks to provide amicus support in matters of importance in the fight against insurance fraud.

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