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Reprints and Permissions

CLM Magazine is one of the most valuable educational resources in the industry for insurance claims, risk, and litigation professionals. Published by The CLM, CLM Magazine delivers effective strategies for successful resolution.

Custom Reprints

High quality, customized, reprints of CLM Magazine’s articles can be used as a powerful promotional tool and offer the perfect complement to your in-house marketing material. Contact Harry Rosenthal for more information: harry.rosenthal@theclm.org

Licensing/Republishing Content in Print

CLM Magazine does not allow the unauthorized distribution of its print content in other publications or web sites without expressed, written permission. To make a request to republish any content found in CLM Magazine, please click here.

Sharing Content Online

Would you like to share CLM Magazine’s content on your web site? We allow up to 100 words to be reprinted on your site. After 100 words, readers should be directed to the entire article by linking to the page in which the content is found on CLM Magazine’s web site. At no time do we allow web sites to post entire articles on their sites, even with attribution. Email the editor with questions.

Single Copy Requests

CLM Magazine does not offer issues of its print publication for purchase. To request a back print issue, please click here. To receive CLM Magazine each month, you must register with The CLM as an industry professional by clicking here.

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