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Workers' Compensation

When Death Is the Beginning

What happens when employees die on the job?

Recovering a Workers’ Compensation Lien

Differences between the Kelly formula and the Burns formula

Medicare Set-Asides and CMS

Reconsideration options and navigating Medicare’s review processes

Plain Language, Practice, or Policy?

Tips for defending COVID-19 workers' compensation claims

The State of Pay-For-Play

College athletes as employees and the implications for workers’ compensation

Quantifying Mental Health’s Impact

Utilizing data to understand mental health’s relation to workers’ compensation and disability claims

It’s a Wearables World

Three Considerations when Implementing Wearable Sensor Technology

Back to Basics in the Workplace

A refresher on conducting investigations

Going the Distance

Special Considerations for Remote Employees in the Post-Pandemic Era

Consulting the Comp Crystal Ball

What does the future hold for current COVID-19 workers’ compensation claims?

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  Workers' Compensation
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  Workers' Compensation
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