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CLM Voices: Getting to Know Laurie Newman

Equal parts claims professional, attorney, and risk professional.

August 07, 2017 Photo

Equal parts claims professional, attorney, and risk professional, Newman is one of CLM’s most well-rounded fellows. She shares her 14 years of insights and risk-taking experience with the rest of us.


Laurie Newman, Director of Product Liability & Risk Management, U.S., Canada, and Mexico; Pirelli North America

Risk Taker

Newman left trial law to become general counsel, then chose to become an excess claims handler at AIG. The biggest risk she took, however, was also her biggest opportunity: pursuing a claims regional vice president job at AIG when there was a chance it would not be sustainable. The move ended up opening many doors that allowed her to move into risk management.

“Being open-minded, communicating, connecting, thinking broadly, and being a solution provider (as opposed to a problem identifier).”
Newman, on the qualities that make for a successful risk professional

Saving Face Time

Newman identifies people being more connected to their devices than each other as a significant but difficult to quantify risk. She believes every business is a people business, and that opportunities can be developed and issues resolved more effectively with face-to-face communication as opposed to text or email.

“Safety devices like airbags and sensors that can help avoid incidents make it less risky, while cyber threats and the interconnectedness of devices make it riskier.”
Newman, on whether risk in the world is increasing or decreasing

Risk Philosophy

Newman says she actively sought out a risk management role because “my perspective on the world always had a risk management focus (although I didn’t use those words initially).” She says she utilized that mindset as a trial lawyer and general counsel, and says it was invaluable in the various claims-related positions she held at AIG.

“My hobbies and interests include food, wine, the arts, travel, nature, and spending time with people I care about—not necessarily in that order!”
Newman, on how she fills her free time


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