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Laying Out the Vision for the School of Transportation

To learn more about what students can expect from the Claims College's School of Transportation, we spoke with Dean Tamara Warn.

January 18, 2013 Photo

In late December, CLM added another school to its Claims College lineup. The School of Transportation joined previously announced schools for Claims Management, Professional Lines, and Workers’ Comp. To learn more about what students can expect from the school when the Claims College opens in September, we spoke with Dean Tamara Warn, who serves as vice president of risk management for C&K Trucking, LLC.

How did you get involved with the Claims College? 

I am honored to be the Dean of the Transportation College. My involvement with CLM began as a speaker at some of the CLM Transportation Conferences. When I heard about the creation of the Claims College, I could not wait to participate. I recently received my opportunity to make a contribution. I am currently the president of the Trucking Industry Defense Association and we provide networking and education to the members of the trucking industry. Adam Potter approached TIDA and asked if we would be interested in coordinating with the School of Transportation in the Claims College.

The Transportation College is a new addition to the Claims College. Why does it belong with the other schools of Claims Management, Workers’ Comp, and Professional Lines? 

Transportation involves diverse and complex issues, and these will lend themselves well to the goals of the Claims College. There will be three transportation-related industries represented in the college: aviation, marine, and trucking. These courses will teach students about the similarities and the differences in transportation industries. The group projects will mix students from different transportation industries and allow for cross-industry endeavors.

How has your career prepared you for this role?

I began my career as an aviation defense attorney practicing in Chicago. After six years as a trial attorney, I was approached by Schneider National, Inc. to join them as their litigation manager, allowing me to transition to an in-house counsel role. When I practiced aviation law, I was a licensed private pilot, which gave me unique insight into the claims I was defending. When I started working at Schneider, I went through their truck driver training course. This allowed me to understand the work our drivers were doing and to better defend them and the trucking company in the claims we experienced.

I have acted as in-house counsel at both a long-haul, full-load trucking company and currently at an intermodal trucking company. These experiences have given me a broad perspective on the transportation industry, which is why I feel capable of serving as the Dean of the Transportation College.

Broadly speaking, what courses or topics will the Transportation College cover? 

Our courses in aviation, marine, and trucking will start out with the basics and then grow in complexity over the next three years. We will educate our students on both claims and the workings of the individual industries. During each class, students will be able to work on cross-industry projects and bring their knowledge to other students while also learning from their instructors and other students.

How does the Claims College differ from other events that cover transportation insurance issues? 

The Claims College will offer a recognized designation or certificate that will demonstrate a level of knowledge and expertise that does not currently exist for the people who work in claims. The Transportation College will go one step further and educate its students on the transportation industries themselves. This will provide our students with a well-rounded knowledge base.  

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Eric Gilkey

Eric Gilkey is vice president of content at the CLM, and serves as executive editor of CLM magazine, the flagship publication of the CLM.  eric.gilkey@theclm.org

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