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Getting to Know: Adam Potter

CLM's executive director discusses what lays ahead for the association, his proudest accomplishments, and resolutions for 2016.

February 16, 2016 Photo

On what the CLM has on tap for 2016:

 “As we recently announced, we’ve entered into a definitive agreement with MC Consultants to merge our respective construction conferences and jointly produce a national construction defect (CD) conference. I had been hearing for some time that a CD conference of this scope was needed, so it’s exciting to fill that void.

“We work continuously through our advisory board and committees to understand the needs of the claims industry and the various specialty segments. In 2016, we intend to take a holistic approach to those industry segments and identify the needs and how the CLM can meet them through a variety of resources.”

On the need for a uniform license:

“A long-term project that we’ve been working on for a while, and will continue to work on for quite some time, is the creation of a uniform claims license (UCL). Currently, 34 states require licensure of independent and staff claims professionals. While some states offer reciprocal licensing, there’s no uniform approach as there is in most other industries. The CLM is working to build support for a UCL that would be recognized by all states.

“As we’ve seen with major national disasters, getting claims resolution professionals to the disaster-stricken areas can be held up by licensing requirements. The creation of a UCL would eliminate that issue because a claims professional licensed in one state would be licensed to work in all states. There are other benefits as well, which is why we are focused on making it a reality. It’s a slow process working with various government officials and offices, but one that we think is important for the industry.”

On the CLM’s accomplishments for 2015:

“Last year was a great year for CLM members and fellows. We held our biggest and best annual conference in Palm Desert, California. Each year, I marvel at the collective expertise of our membership and their eagerness to share their knowledge with industry colleagues. Membership soared to over 30,000, solidifying the CLM’s position as the largest claims industry association. We also gained momentum for our initiative to change industry nomenclature from claims adjusters to claims resolution professionals.”

On his resolutions for 2016:

“Well of course I’m going to eat healthy and be active—but that resolution probably won’t last long. I also wish I could say that I share Mark Zuckerberg’s resolution to build an artificial intelligence digital butler to run my home and help with my work, but I’ll let Mark handle that this year. I’ll be happy to use his creation when it’s ready for the market!

“I do share Mark’s goal of being more efficient. We plan to take a close look at the various systems and processes that we have within the CLM and see where we can be more efficient. It’s easy to become complacent about how things are done, but it’s important to evaluate systems to make sure we’re doing things the best way possible.”

On the best thing about the CLM:

“It’s undoubtedly the people. Our members, fellows, and staff are fabulous. As I mentioned earlier, I’m impressed by the knowledge of our members and fellows and their willingness to share with one another to better the industry. I’m also grateful for the team of professionals who make up the staff of the CLM. As our membership has grown, so has our internal team. They work diligently to provide the vast array of resources and services the CLM provides.”

About The Authors
Eric Gilkey

Eric Gilkey is vice president of content at the CLM, and serves as executive editor of CLM magazine, the flagship publication of the CLM.  eric.gilkey@theclm.org

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