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Getting to Know: Cathy Gicker

If you’ve ever met Allstate's senior claims consultant SIU-Casualty East, then you already know there is more to her than meets the eye.

May 26, 2020 Photo

See how this 2020 CLM Claims Professional of the Year keeps it real while earning professional success at Allstate, where she has spent her entire 45-year insurance career.

Success in Waiting

Gicker got her start while waitressing a table of nine Allstate executives, one of whom complained about a cut of beef. When Gicker responded, “Well that’s the best piece of beef I’ve seen tonight. I’m happy to take it back, but I can’t guarantee what you’ll get next,” her future mentor said, “That’s the attitude we need in the claims department!” and offered her an interview on the spot.

Careful With Those Acronyms

"We’re wondering if you think you could be a B-!-T-C-H?” -Gicker, humorously recounting her surprise after being offered the position of Bodily Injury Telephone Claims Handler during her first official interview with Allstate.

Diversity of Opportunity

Gicker studied English literature in college, which gave her the writing and speaking skills needed to take on all kinds of different positions at Allstate, not just in claims, but also public affairs, litigation, and as a trainer and manager of one of the company’s SIU units. She says these opportunities kept her invigorated and played a role in her long and rewarding career at the company.

Life and Work Motto

“Maya Angelou said it best: ‘People will forget what you said. People will forget what you do. But they will never forget how you make them feel.’” -Gicker, on the leadership mantra she keeps in mind as she strives to deliver praise and appreciation for hard work on a daily basis.

COVID-19 Effects

“I’m getting new cases, but I’m unable to close up any old work because no litigation is occurring. There are no resolutions on cases in suit.” -Gicker, noting how the effects of COVID-19 are impacting her work.

Trend Spotting

Gicker says the recent expansion of telehealth options is great, but she expects fraud trends to shift more into this field. Why? The inability to monitor processes, new billing codes, and difficulties in verifying details such as how long doctors spend on a call with a patient makes it an easy target for bad actors trying to reap financial gains at the expense of carriers and policyholders.

Truth Tellers

“The introduction of social media into trials has been a godsend to illustrate the lies.” -Gicker, remarking on what aspect of fraud investigation has impacted her work the most. She prefers not to participate on any social media.

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