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Getting to Know: Ron del Pino

LbGlobalLaw's Ron del Pino on changing careers late in life, the Faith-Based Claims Association, and learning from good examples.

September 24, 2014 Photo

After gaining 30 years of experience in claims at Verizon, del Pino took a leap of faith to join LbGlobalLaw as director of business development risk and insurance services. 

On switching careers late in life:

“I had a long and valued tenure at Verizon. But, as with all things, there comes a time to move on. As a client, Verizon’s relationship with LbGlobalLaw was most productive and reaped benefits that enabled us to achieve better results. As for me personally, I admired the business model used and the caliber of people brought to bear on our account. So when LbGlobalLaw learned that I was leaving Verizon, I got the call. Some say as one door closes, another opens. My wife and I affectionately refer to it as a God thing.”  

On his role as board member for the Faith-Based Claims Association:

“The claims business can be a very cynical one, which is why I’m so committed to this endeavor. We tend to see the fair and deserving claimants as well as the not-so-upstanding ones. Naturally, we often focus on the problem cases and, so, cynicism is a natural outcome, particularly in group settings. Why is that? We in the Faith-Based Claims Association believe that one reason is that while many, if not most, people are people of faith, they often focus on that faith only on their Sabbath. But what of the rest of the week? The Faith-Based Claims Association (FaithBasedClaims.org) is committed to the sharing of educational and other opportunities for folks in the industry to become more convicted in their respective faith’s tenets of fairness, compassion, and ethical boundaries so that they may be guided—and even girded—throughout their work lives. We cannot ignore the dictates of daily living in a sectarian world, but the faithful should be guided in our decision-making process by our beliefs.”

On the one lesson he would give to adjusters just starting out:

“It is very important to be true to yourself. As you seek to move up in the business, do not compromise your values. Treat others as you would have them treat you, including claimants. Draw your energy from and learn from the good examples all around you. There are many in this business who are most willing to guide you along.”

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