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Between the Lines, February 2012

How have your adjusters responded to the use of satellite/aerial imagery?

February 07, 2012 Photo

How have your adjusters responded to the use of satellite/aerial imagery?




“It’s one of the more popular tools among our field staff. Roof measurement has become faster, safer, and more accurate.”

-Corry Novosel, Director of Property Claims, Westfield Insurance. CLM member since 2012.

“We utilize aerial satellite imagery technology and find it accurate and helpful, particularly on large building complexes or large structures. Many roofing contractors are using it as well…it’s a useful tool in providing fast, accurate measurements on roof damage claims.”

-Nick Ciabattoni, Vice President of Property and Marine Claims, CNA

“Adjusters initially respond with a degree of skepticism. After trying it, they become enthusiastic believers who appreciate the increase in efficiency and closed claims.”

-Chris Barrow, President & CEO & Director, EagleView Technologies. CLM member since 2012.

“For a hail claim, this technology allows us the opportunity to spend more time inspecting the damage and meeting with our customers while the measurements are completed for us. It is especially appealing on steep or complex roofs.” 

-Paul Quinn, Assistant Vice President of Claims Communications, Farmers

$41 Million

Total premiums paid for the GeoEye-1 satellite launch and three years of in-orbit operations. Two policies provided $270 million in coverage.

Source: GeoEye


The size in inches that the GeoEye-1 satellite can “see” objects on Earth. At that resolution, it is impossible to recognize individual people.

Source: GeoEye


Percentage of top 25 insurance carriers that use satellite/aerial imagery as part of their business operations.

Source: EagleView Technologies


The year that Explorer VI Earth transmitted the first crude photo taken from a satellite.

Source: NASA


The number of U.S. lives saved since 1982 from the use of NOAA satellites in search-and-rescue efforts.

Source: NASA

About The Authors
Bevrlee J. Lips

Bevrlee J. Lips was managing editor of Claims Management magazine (now CLM Magazine) from January 2012 until March 2017.  blips@claimsadvisor.com

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