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Between the Lines, May 2012

Dean Harring and other CLM Members and Fellows answer the question "How important is the development and use of apps?"

May 21, 2012 Photo

“How important is the development and use of apps?”


Dean Harring

“Apps are designed to help people perform an activity faster or better or cheaper, so it’s easy to imagine how important they will eventually become in all aspects of claims management and fulfillment.”

-Dean K. Harring, CPCU, CIC, EVP and Chief Claims Officer, QBE North America. CLM member since 2008

Nicky Mukerji

“I am a believer when it comes to apps. An app usually results in a better customer experience by providing convenience and flexibility. A well-designed app will also reduce overall claims processing costs.”

-Nicky Mukerji, Chief Information Officer, Legalbill. CLM member since 2009

Jeffrey Bowman

“Mobile apps are rapidly becoming as important in claims management as they are at the front end of the insurance buying process. Adjusting organizations ignore them at their own peril.”

-Jeffrey T. Bowman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Crawford & Company. CLM member since 2012

Jodie Braner

“Medical mobile apps designed to accommodate accessibility, education, and wellness tracks will greatly improve safety, eliminate inefficiencies, and help individuals adhere to medical regimens so they can return to work sooner. As healthcare costs rise, successful strategies for reducing costs are a must.”

-Jodie E. Braner, Director of Client Services, Digital Insurance. CLM member since 2009



6 Billion

The number of mobile cellular subscriptions globally at the end of 2011—equivalent to 87 percent of the world population.

Source: International Telecommunication Union



The number of apps available at Apple’s App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch users in 123 countries around the world.



The cost of the NAIC’s home inventory app that helps users quickly capture possession details, determine how much insurance is needed, or file a claim.

Source: NAIC



The growth of smartphone shipments in 2011, outpacing PC shipments for the first time.

Source: Canalys



The number of states—Arizona and Idaho—that allow motorists to use electronic proof of insurance, e.g., through mobile phones.

Source: Property Casualty Insurers Association of America

About The Authors
Bevrlee J. Lips

Bevrlee J. Lips was managing editor of Claims Management magazine (now CLM Magazine) from January 2012 until March 2017.  blips@claimsadvisor.com

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