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Challenges Create Opportunities

2020 has provided us with innumerable opportunities to creatively face challenges.

November 19, 2020 Photo

While 2020 has brought more challenges than any of us would like, it’s also provided us with innumerable opportunities to creatively face those challenges. As COVID-19 first started to take hold, we were in the final stages of planning our Annual Conference. We had even started pushing out messaging about a “handshake-free” conference. If only it had been that easy.

Now, nearly nine months later, we’ve learned to pivot CLM conferences and education from in-person to virtual events, and we’ve found other opportunities to keep the CLM community engaged. We’ve also created new ways to connect the service providers that support the CLM membership. We’ve enhanced CLM Magazine’s website to deliver incredible content from our membership and editorial team. And through it all, the CLM team has continually approached each challenge with an innovative “can-do” spirit.

Tough times can make or break a person and a company. This year has shown me that the CLM membership and staff are strong, innovative, and will continue to succeed. When confronted with a challenge, we dig deep, get creative, and come together. Our staff and membership have been tireless in ensuring a number of opportunities to learn and connect with one another.

We’ll continue to do so as long as needed. And when the world opens up again, we’ll have these new capabilities in our toolbox to continue to serve our membership.

Anne Blume



About The Authors
Anne Blume

Anne Blume is chief executive officer of The CLM. She can be reached at  anne.blume@theclm.org

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