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CLM Voices: Getting to Know Anthony Vidovich

XL Catlin's EVP, Global Head of Claims, Insurance and Reinsurance

March 10, 2017 Photo

The normally private Vidovich opens up about his views on the role of insurance and explains how past experiences help drive his decision making and approach to communication.


“After college, I taught for five years, then went to law school and joined a large firm that, among other things, included policyholder coverage work. I switched to the industry side when I began working with regulators and receivers, and my first exclusive claims role wasn’t until July 2014. Having a broad range of experiences has given me a diverse and helpful perspective.”

Vidovich has observed that the industry often is maligned—sometimes unfairly, sometimes fairly—for poorly delivering its core claims product: claims service. He says that if insurers can enhance the customer experience while maintaining the integrity of the claims process, then it can unlock new stores of value for its customers and the industry.

“We build teams that leverage traditional claims technical expertise and marry it with empathy and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and the market.” Vidovich, on how XL Catlin works to support its clients

Teachable Moment   

Vidovich says being a teacher helped him on both the litigation and claims business side. He says the root of all successful teaching is communication, which also happens to be true in claims. Too often, he says people focus on sharing their own views and fail to listen. He says that if you listen with empathy and understand the interests of all sides, then a solution usually can be crafted that suits everyone.  

“Our focus is all about getting people back in business and back on their feet—this is what matters most. We solve problems. We help.” Vidovich, on the how the industry should brand itselfs

Girl Power 

Vidovich’s passion for his family of two daughters and wife extends beyond the household, although home is where he confesses he prefers to be. His daughters inspired him to get involved with charitable organizations like Days for Girls International, which helps ensure girls have access to education in developing parts of the world. 

“Mitigating risk is essential to innovation. In that way, insurance is a necessary catalyst for economic growth, human development, and, frankly, societal progress. Big ideas, yes, but when presented in these terms, you capture the hearts, minds, and imaginations of talented young professionals.”  Vidovich, on how he pitches claims as an exciting career

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Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith is president of Suite 200 Solutions.  taylor.smith@suite200solutions.com

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