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Getting to Know: Lea Kapral

Acuity's General Manager of Central Claims shares her insights on the industry

October 20, 2021 Photo

Reading Into Acuity

After Kapral earned an English degree, she considered pursuing law since she was intrigued by contract law (“Nerdy, I know!” she says). Having decided on the insurance industry instead, she looked at positions where she could put her degree to use. She moved to Wisconsin and found a claims position with Heritage Mutual Insurance Company, which is now Acuity, a Mutual Insurance Company, where she has stayed for 24 years.

“I truly enjoy helping people, and I am naturally curious with a propensity to solve problems.” 

Kapral, who says these traits tend to be a powerful combination for claims people.

COVID-19’s Impacts

Kapral says video conferencing has had a prevalent impact upon litigation processes during COVID-19, and she believes it is here to stay. She says while there are savings from the standpoint of efficiency and costs, she cautions that the industry must take care to remember it’s a tool and one that should be used wisely, since much value can be obtained in conducting in-person depositions and mediations.

“What we do doesn’t change, simply where we do it.”

Kapral, on the mantra her and her team adopted when she leveraged her 15 years of managing field adjusters to seamlessly transition Acuity’s central claims operations to remote operations in March 2020.

Give It to Her Straight

Kapral says she wants a litigation partner who communicates and is honest with her and her policyholders. “If it’s bad, then tell us it’s bad; if it’s good, then tell me it’s good—do not flip-flop on me prior to trial without any change in information or facts, as that will cause friction.” She says she focuses on creating a foundation of common sense, honesty, and forthrightness while working together to develop the best defense for customers and clients.

“Wouldn’t you know it, every single bear I saw walked in from behind me and stood directly under my stand!”

Kapral, on her first bear hunting experience. Before the trip, her husband jokingly showed her a video of a bear climbing up to a hunter’s tree stand.

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