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"How did the industry’s hurricane response differ this year compared to last year?"

We ask CLM members and fellows about this year's suddenly challenging hurricane season.

October 11, 2018 Photo

“Every year, the industry becomes better prepared to handle catastrophic responses. This year is no different. Response resources are being aligned with greater efficiency. This year, construction demand appears to be easing up enough to allow for a better response than in the past two years.”

Allison Brown,
Executive Consultant, J.S. Held LLC. CLM Fellow since 2017.

“There has definitely been an uptick in training, recruiting, and resource management this year over last. Storm events seemed to take the industry by surprise and scarcity of resources affected hiring practices as well as traditional claims-handling protocols. This preparedness has allowed for greater, and timelier, handling of smaller losses directly benefiting the insured.”

Angela Henderson,
Founder, LTA Independent. CLM Fellow since 2011.

“A more significant effort appears to have been made to get experienced claims professionals on rosters and/or available for deployment in advance of the storm. Last season’s overarching lesson is there is a shortage of licensed and experienced adjusters, so this time companies with exposure in affected states placed additional emphasis on getting people ready.”

Dwight E. Geddes,
Head of Metro Claims Mgmt. NYC Inc. CLM Fellow since 2013.

“In past catastrophic events, there has been something of a wait-and-see attitude toward recovery—perhaps hoping it wouldn’t be that bad. This time, we’re seeing a much faster response and a realization that time is not your friend when it comes to vehicle claims and recovery.”

Doug Mellette,
CEO, Vemark. CLM Fellow since 2018.


Number of Hurricanes so far in the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season.

Source: Artemis

$5 Billion

Estimated insured losses for Hurricane Florence are between $2.8 billion and $5 billion, including between $800 million and $1.2 billion in losses to the National Flood Insurance Program.

Source: RMS


Number of named storms so far in the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season.
Source: AccuWeather


Inches of rain Hurricane Florence
dumped on Elizabethtown, N.C.

Source: AIR Worldwide


Number of direct hits by hurricanes to the
U.S mainland from 1851 to 2017.

Source: CNN


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