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Temporary Housing Special Section

There's No Place Like Home

February 02, 2009 Photo
Like Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.” But when a client’s home is either demolished, damaged or unlivable, where do you turn? Here, in the new Temporary Housing Special Section, we give you a closer look at some of the industry’s temporary housing service providers.

Temporary housing service providers were invited to provide information about their companies to help you determine the best options for your needs. The following in no way implies endorsement of their products or services.

Assured Relocation
Assured Relocation always keeps focus on the company’s core value—customer service to the adjuster and policyholder—one claim at a time. Over the past five years, Assured Relocation has been able to capture a market of informed insurance companies, which recognize our commitment to service and price, and keep us busy with repeat business. We are service performers.

Assured Relocation operates its claims process with a single point of contact. This is what’s best for the adjuster and policyholder. The service is seamless and a claim completed with continuity and competence with one relocation specialist handling it from move in to move out. We care.

This extreme level of pride in service demonstrates why our company is the leader in providing temporary housing to the insurance industry. At Assured Relocation, we want each and every adjuster and insured to know that we aim for the highest possible level of service. We are only as good as our last claim.

Temporary Accommodations
How a qualified ALE partner can make your work life easier?
Every good adjuster has a team of trusted vendors they rely on to give the best possible service to the policyholder as well as make their jobs easier. That team should include contents specialists, contractors, and temporary housing vendors.

Studies have shown that when temporary housing goes well the claim goes well. Since this is the first “touch point” with the customer where your company can service the policyholder, it can start the claim off in a very positive or very negative direction. Your ALE vendor can make the policyholder feel special, well taken care of and relieved at a very stressful time. This special treatment reflects back on their carrier. Or, with the wrong vendor partner you end up adding stress to your policyholder without even knowing it.

When the policyholder needs you the most.
At Temporary Accommodations (TA), we focus on customer-centric service while finding the most cost-effective like, kind and quality housing in record time. Our policyholders give us a 94% customer satisfaction rating while our adjusters give us a 96% score. We are proud to be a trusted partner for our adjusters.

Our teams of experts are hired to meet a caring, compassionate and detail-oriented profile. Many of our professional staff have gone through disasters themselves including hurricanes, tornados, and most recently a manager experienced a fire. We know how to handle a distraught policyholder, hold their hand and assure them of quick, easy solutions. With TA, you as the adjuster can be certain that with one call to our 24/7 hotline you can move on to the next claim or work on the rebuild confident that the temporary housing needs of your policyholder are solved. Whether it is finding long-term housing quickly and close to home or meeting an immediate need with our hotel program, TA takes great pride in assisting people in need.

Short term immediate assignments don’t scare us.
With our enormous hotel volume, we have buying power across all U.S. hotel chains. We do not use travel agencies and therefore can negotiate the best noncommission rates, and we follow up to get the sales tax returned on stays of more than 30 days. Because that call for a hotel can and will come in the middle of the night, we put the stay on our own credit card not on your company or on the policyholder. It’s simply one easy call to Temporary Accommodations and your policyholder is in a hotel and fast. And, we will even send you one convenient invoice—no chasing down hotel folios and disputing charges.

Temporary Accommodations has the experience to help you with your claims.
At Temporary Accommodations we are always looking for ways to make a difference for our adjusters. We are constantly developing customer service programs some of which include:

Elite Adjuster
No two adjusters are alike so we personalize our services to fit your unique business preferences. Your TA profile will include all your information so that you spend less time during the claim process on the phone or on e-mail. We will contact you the way you want to be contacted and we know how you want your claims handled. Your Elite Adjuster team builds a trusted relationship with you for your peace of mind—your claim is taken care of. And, our Web portal gives you access to all your claims online in real time.

STAnd Guard™
With the proliferation of identity theft, Temporary Accommodations proactively developed a program to secure policyholder and insurance carrier information in our possession. STAnd Guard™ is a complete security program developed to protect each customer’s valuable and sensitive information. The program includes security plans for data—both electronic and print—background checks on all employees, firewall protected and hacker proof physical storage, security officers on site, and an audit twice a year.

So the next time you have a need for temporary housing, make sure you choose a qualified vendor like Temporary Accommodations to make your life easier. Our team makes the difference for you and your ALE policyholder.

Temporary Housing Directory
Temporary Housing Directory is building customer relationships- one innovation at a time!
Temporary Housing Directory (THD) knows that in today’s hectic working world it takes more than expertise, cost savings, and great customer service to win over clients. Innovation and flexibility are equally as important as the bar continues to rise for companies that are service-oriented businesses which rely on clients that outsource their needs. This is especially true in the temporary housing industry since most insurance companies have continued to pursue their need for more innovation and service branded delivery systems.

Tackling the needs of the insurance companies has changed beyond the basic needs of just offering affordable pricing and a variety of housing options. Temporary Housing Directory’s success stems from drilling down to their customer needs and delivering even more than is expected.

To the surprise of many insurance companies, outsourcing their temporary housing services has not only proven beneficial to their bottom line, but has saved their adjusters valuable time and drastically improved overall customer service. In order to do this “one has to be more than just flexible on the types of housing choices that are given to their policyholders but also be innovative in their ideas,” says Teresa Vidger, president of Temporary Housing Directory.

“We have to continue to think of new ways to make our services unique and beneficial to our customers in order to separate us from the herd,” says Vidger. “It takes a special commitment and talent to merge these ideas into a format that will work productively and economically for our client. We have found that we, as a company, constantly need to be innovative and technically flexible in order to succeed.”

Most recently this has involved THD’s need to design a reporting system that best communicates with their adjusters in a fashion that is easy to use and always available. By THD creating the adjuster portal, it has filled that request and demonstrates THD’s passion in delivering tools for their customers which reflect their flexible and innovative approach. The adjuster’s portal has also helped the communication lines between THD and their insurance adjusters. The need for adjusters to get state of the art technology to help assist in the tracking of their insured’s claim process has become increasingly important. Through this system, the adjusters can print invoices, request information, grant extensions, give notice of payment, and view reports to show billing history. These system functions have enabled insurance adjusters to stay in front of the insured while on top of every aspect of the claim status.

In addition to better communication, the adjuster portal essentially creates a virtual office for the insurance adjusters. Many companies are going green to help in the fight to better our environment. The portal gives adjusters the ability to manage their files online without having to worry about paper.

Temporary Housing Directory has also been innovative in their ability to deliver when most companies are limited in terms of housing or hotel solutions during a house fire or a catastrophe. They are also one of the few companies that do not charge additional fees for hotel stays even if they do not place the policyholder in long-term housing. This is another innovative change brought on by the need to provide more value-added services to their customers at no additional cost.

Temporary Housing Directory has also shown their innovation when it comes to housing options. Not everyone wants to stay in the same type of housing solution or has the same type of need. Having the expertise to find different solutions is crucial. Oftentimes, the adjuster needs a solution that is not a typical housing choice and wants their housing company to provide furniture or alternative accommodations like an RV or trailer rental.

Finally, THD knows that it is important to remove the complexity in doing business with the insurance housing industry. “The key is listening to your customer’s needs, and then creating flexible and innovative solutions to match the way they do business,” says Vidger. The industry continues to change and their ability to keep up, and even ahead, has made Temporary Housing Directory a leader in the insurance housing industry.

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David Shillingford

David Shillingford is the founder and president of the National Equipment Register, a national database of stolen construction equipment and equipment ownership. 

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