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The Year of Community

While 2019 was the year of gratitude here at the CLM, our focus in 2020 is community

January 02, 2020 Photo

While 2019 was the year of gratitude here at the CLM, our focus in 2020 is community. Community has been an essential part of the CLM since its founding. All of you have helped create an organization with an exceptionally strong community focus. Keeping that community connection and atmosphere is tremendously important to all of us at the CLM.

In keeping with our community focus, we are thrilled to partner with the National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA). The local NYC chapters of the CLM and NAAIA held a joint event in November 2019 that was a huge success. We’re building on that connection, planning more local chapter collaborations, welcoming NAAIA members to all CLM events, and working on a joint national event. And, we’re just getting started. This is only one step we are taking to build better diversity and inclusion. Speaking of, our Diversity & Inclusion Committee is putting together a great workshop at the CLM Annual Conference called “Moving the Needle: An Interactive D&I Networking Workshop.” If you’ll be at the Annual Conference, I strongly recommend you join this important event.

We’re also continuing to grow our Young Professionals Community. We count on our amazing membership to spread the word about the CLM and professional development opportunities available to everyone in the industry. If you work with someone newer to the industry, reach out and make sure they have joined the CLM (remember, it’s free for industry professionals). If you’re in a leadership or supervisory role, make sure your staff is engaged with the CLM. Talent acquisition and development is such a critical challenge for our industry. Taking the time to make sure you are investing in the professional development of your staff helps advance their careers and strengthens your team.

If you make New Year’s resolutions, may I suggest you make one related to the CLM and your professional growth? Attend a conference, join a committee, be active in your local chapter, and reach out and connect with other CLM Members and Fellows. David Meisner, our Membership Engagement Manager, can help connect you to the area that interests you most. Reach out to him at (954) 372-1527, david.meisner@theclm.org.

Here’s to a great 2020. I hope to see you at a CLM event this year—and if you can’t make it to an event, feel free to reach out to me personally at any time.

Anne Blume

About The Authors
Anne Blume

Anne Blume is chief executive officer of The CLM. She can be reached at  anne.blume@theclm.org

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