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CLM Voices: Getting to Know Krista Glenn

Krista Glenn - Chief Claims Officer, IAT Insurance Group

June 19, 2017 Photo

With 22 years of executive experience spanning companies like AIG, Cigna, and Chubb (formerly ACE), Glenn arrives to a new leadership position in the industry she loves with her eye firmly placed on the challenges ahead. 

All in the Family   

Glenn and her husband have been married 24 years, and have two daughters. Rachel is a sophomore studying economics and finance at Princeton, working in London over the summer for an investment company. Megan is a grad student earning her masters in history at George Mason, with the goal of working in a museum.

“One of the things that made my current role so attractive was the opportunity to make decisions and have a positive influence on all aspects of a larger department.”
Glenn, on her first seven months as chief claims officer

A Noble Prize  

At the risk of sounding corny, Glenn says she believes the insurance industry as a whole, but specifically claims, is a really noble industry. Helping claimants get to a better place during one of the worst experiences in their lives makes it a profession of which she is proud to be a part.

“I look for people who like to negotiate. I don’t want people who pay for floor mats and pin striping when they buy a car at the dealership!”   
Glenn, on the qualities she looks for in a claims hire

Issues on the Horizon  

Glenn thinks that data and predictive modeling will continue to drive the course that claims is on over the next decade. She says the ability to collect and process more data and to use it in significant ways will be critical. She also thinks that the search for and development of talent must continue.

“My two daughters and my husband all have birthdays in a four-day time span. We have Glenn Family Birthday Week every May in our house!”
Glenn, on something not everyone knows about her

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