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Between the Lines, March 2012

What recent legislation or legal decision has the potential to affect insurers most?

March 25, 2012 Photo

What recent legislation or legal decision has the potential to affect insurers most?


“Recent legislation intended to overturn high court rulings regarding what constitutes an ‘occurrence’ in the context of faulty workmanship ignores the original intent of the contracting parties (insured and insurer) and may force insurers to re-think the way they do business.”

-Karen Rice, Vice President/Head of Construction Claims Operations, XL Insurance, CLM member since 2009

“Without a doubt, the enactment of Medical Treatment Guidelines can dramatically improve treatment for workers, decrease costs, and reduce time away from work in workers’ compensation claims.”

-Andy Condrey, Claims Operations Manager, The Gray Insurance Company, CLM member since 2009

“The recent Philadelphia City Council vote to limit police report access only to auto victims, their insurers, or their attorneys was a major coup for SIUs. No more ‘runners’ buying reports in bulk to solicit victims, firms, and medical practices to file injury claims.”

-Cathy Gicker, SIU Litigation Specialist, Allstate Insurance Company, CLM member since 2011

“Navigating the murky waters of the new Medicare reporting requirements for liability bodily injury claims without running afoul of state-specific regulations and case law governing good faith claims handling practices is one of the biggest challenges I see for insurers in 2012 and beyond.”

-Matthew Morrison, Vice President, Claims Legal, QBE the Americas, CLM member since 2008



The number of states in the past two years that have defined “occurrence” by statute.

Source: Butler Pappas



The annual cost of a now-defunct access pass to Philadelphia traffic report information often sold for profit and used to commit insurance fraud.

Source: Philadelphia Department of Records



The penalty for noncompliance with Medicare reporting requirements for bodily injury, workers’ compensation, and no-fault claims per day, per reportable claim.

Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services


47.5 Million

The number of people enrolled in Medicare in 2010.

Source: Census Bureau



The growth of Medicare enrollment from 2000-2010.

Source: Census Bureau

About The Authors
Bevrlee J. Lips

Bevrlee J. Lips was managing editor of Claims Management magazine (now CLM Magazine) from January 2012 until March 2017.  blips@claimsadvisor.com

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