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Christopher Fusco

Callahan & Fusco, LLC

photo Christopher Fusco is the managing partner of CLM Member Firm Callahan & Fusco LLC. His blog, Sports in the Courts, can be found at www.sportsinthecourtsblog.com. He may also be reached at cfusco@callahanfusco.com.

Articles by Christopher Fusco

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Burning Down Hockeytown 1/29/2014
Cracking Skulls 4/29/2014
Shadow of Doubt 7/24/2014
Wrongful Death? 10/24/2014
Lessons From DeflateGate 3/23/2015
Coverage On and Off the Field 6/24/2015
Pushing the Limits 9/29/2015
When Plaintiffs’ Counsel Strike Back 9/16/2020
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