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Getting to Know: Jocelyn Jopa

Find out how Zurich NA's AVP/Director of Litigation Management and working mother makes time for mentees and effects change through diversity and inclusion efforts

January 26, 2022 Photo

Got It Covered

So many in insurance stumbled into the industry by fate or by chance, and that was certainly the case with Jopa. After graduating law school, she wanted to find a firm that would give her immediate courtroom experience. The first firm that offered her the opportunity happened to be an insurance coverage litigation firm, so she took the job and began her career in insurance.

“Mentorship (and really sponsorship) is the most gratifying action every leader should be practicing regularly.”

Jopa, who works with her mentees to tackle new business challenges and develop their career paths.

Writing Her Path

Jopa earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota, which she says not only gave her a deep reverence for free speech, but also taught her how to write clearly and concisely. She says it’s a foundational skill that has supported her success as a lawyer and now as a business leader.

“In my role overseeing the management of law firms, I am in the unique position to positively influence the legal and insurance industries on a broader scale.”

Jopa, who says the primary reason she joined Zurich is its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Creative in Claims

Jopa says an environmental claim taught her the value of moving beyond the face value of a claim and getting creative. The claim involved a client that was strictly liable for $100M in statutory damages, despite minimal time on the risk. She first dug through legacy files to find other coverage and new parties for the EPA to pursue to fund cleanup, then she negotiated a great settlement. The insured renewed with Zurich, citing its experience with her.

“I love hiking and camping—basically any excuse to be with my family without any distractions!”

Jopa, on how she relaxes out of the office.

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