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Getting to Know: Kelly Hopper Moore

With a claims career spanning over two decades—and numerous leadership roles within CLM—Liberty Mutual's Moore knows how to stand out from the crowd

December 22, 2021 Photo

Giving Credit Its Due

The majority of Moore’s insurance career has been in the private sector, but she says a period of public claims work for the state of Oregon was enriching. She says there were more similarities than differences between public and private, citing a focus on helping customers understand the claims process, explaining policy provisions, assessing what is owed, partnering with counsel, and staying current on trends. One distinction? There were often more stakeholders in government matters.

“Counsel and claims professionals have complementary strengths, and the sharing of ideas and experiences typically results in optimal outcomes.”

Moore, on the qualities she looks for in a litigation partner.

AI and Claims

Moore says there is a huge opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence to broaden customer service capabilities and increase data analytics relative to timing, root cause analyses, and predictive and leading indicators. Additionally, machine learning and process automation can increase the time that adjusters have to focus on analysis of files and other complex issues. She says the key is to ensure that there are appropriate guardrails when utilizing these tools.  

“Memorable moments really transcend singular events.”

Moore, discussing how teaching at CLM’s Claims College School of Leadership allows her to engage newer managers and watch with pride as they develop into leaders.

“Successful facilitation of claims operations comes from supporting the incredible team members who are conducting the work.”

Moore, offering advice for new managers. She says open communication, resource provisions, and a career development path are essentials.

Lesson in Listening

One of Moore’s most memorable cases involved a claimant who wanted to settle immediately, but had a potential need for future surgery depending on his recovery. She worked to craft a release that provided time to decide, resulting in a settlement everyone felt comfortable with. She says qualities like active listening, empathy, a solution mindset, and consideration of all available tools for resolution is critical for success like this.

“My husband and I enjoy traveling, with a focus on learning other cultures as well as growing our knowledge of global history.”

Moore, on what she looks forward to most post-pandemic.


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