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Getting to Know: Pamela Carter

Learn how Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer's managing partner found her passions in and out of the courtroom

February 22, 2022 Photo

 Mother Knows Best

Carter says her mother was instrumental in her becoming an attorney, and says her mantra was “Girl, the only limitations in this life are the ones you put in your own mind.” Carter took that to heart, clerking in the New Orleans Civil District Court, where she says she witnessed—in action—some of the best lawyers Louisiana had to offer. Later, she joined an insurance litigation group where she tried jury and bench trials on behalf of insurers.

“They were badass lawyers who tried cases and developed strategies for top auto manufacturers in stylish suits and matching Coach purses and Stuart Weitzman shoes.”

Carter, citing an influential team of dynamic women litigators with whom she worked early in her career.

Newsroom to Courtroom

Prior to law, Carter was a news reporter and journalist, and says skills like using language as a tool for investigations, uncovering key witnesses, developing lead stories, and presenting to a live audience translated well into the courtroom. In particular, she says her storytelling skills aid her in advocating for her clients.

“No matter the sector, there’s always work to be done in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Carter, who says a good place to start for any company or firm is through economics, collaboration, and by empowering diverse leadership.

Traumatic Trends

Carter says she is seeing more claims of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) resulting from low-impact motor vehicle accidents in her work. Most disturbing is that courts are allowing plaintiffs’ attorneys to dictate the limits and scope of defense medical expert examinations, tests, and reviews under TBI claims to the detriment of the defense. Because TBIs significantly increase the value of cases and the risks involved, it’s a problem to keep an eye on.

“I make the best white chocolate and cherry bread pudding this side of the Mississippi, as well as a seafood gumbo so yummy that it would make Emeril blush.”

Carter, touting her skills in the kitchen. She also enjoys vegetable gardening, the products of which she incorporates into her meals.

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